Podcast – The Prog Mill Polish Special (edition 79)

Original created 3d image and exclusively only available for download from www.3dwallpaperstudio.com and/or www.babehdwallpapers.com.

Here is the PROG MILL POLISH SPECIAL featuring a two hour taster of the best in modern melodic/symphonic Polish progressive rock. Available to listen to anytime or download as a mp3 file.

The Playlist

1 Loonypark – Upside Down (Unbroken Spirit Lives In Us)
2 Quidam – We Lost (Alone Together)
3 WALFAD – Smutna Pani/Sullen Lady (An Unsung Hero, Salty Rains, and Him)
4 Riverside – Why Should I Be Frightened by a Hat? (Love, Fear and the Time Machine)
5 Lunatic Soul – Crumbling Teeth and the Owl Eyes (Fractured)
6 Millenium – Road to Infinity (Exist)
7 The Ryszard Kramarski Project – Five Hundred Million Bells (Music Inspired by the Little Prince)
8 Moonstone – Cry of the Owls Pts I and II (Mysterious Game)
9 Albion – Is This The Way Where We Go? (Broken Hopes)
10 Noibla – Utani (Noibla)
11 Georgius – Waltz (Ego)
12 The Adekaem – Black (Sound Coloring)
13 Thrilos – Strange Images (Kingdom of Dream)
14 Believe – Please Go Home (The Warmest Sun in Winter)

Just a taster of the melodic/symphonic side of Polish progressive rock.

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