Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 80

Edition 80 of THE PROG MILL for Progzilla Radio, which is also the 300th in total over the show’s life, is now available to stream anytime or download. This week we have another two hours of superb progressive rock including two tracks from the brand new Looking Glass Lantern album.

This weeks Playlist

1 Freedom to Glide – Rain Pt 1 (Rain)
2 Andrea Orlando – Oltre Domani (Dalla Vita Autentica)
3 Lion Shepherd – Code of Light (Heat)
4 Verganti – L’Imbarco (Atlas)
5 Believe – II (Seven Widows)
6 Looking Glass Lantern – The Girl Nobody Knows (Candlelight and Empire)
7 Dreamgrave – Drop The Curtain (Monuments)
8 Marygold – Ants in the Sand (One Light Year)
9 Porcupine Tree – Blackest Eyes (Live) (In Absentia)
10 Mostly Autumn – The Night Sky (For All We Shared)
11 Looking Glass Lantern – The Husband (Candlelight and Empire)
12 Projekt Gemineye – Clear Your Mind (A Brand New Day)
13 Marillion – Forgotten Sons (A Script for a Jesters Tear)
14 IO Earth – Finest Hour (Moments)

Broadcast times are as follows (all on Progzilla Radio at www.progzilla.com and via the tune-in radio app)

Sundays 10pm – Midnight UK (2200 UTC) – MAIN BROADCAST
Tuesdays 0300-0500 UK (0300 UTC) – For North America Mon 7pm in LA or 10pm in NYC
Tuesdays 11pm-1am UK (2300 UTC)
Saturdays 6-8pm UK (1700 UTC)
Podcast normally online Monday evenings

Your suggestions or submissions of melodic/symphonic progressive rock for the show are very welcome. Just email shaun@progzilla.com or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook.com/theprogmill