Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 69

Edition 69 of THE PROG MILL is now available to listen to anytime or download.

Another two hours of superb progressive rock chosen by the Prog Mill listeners. Here’s this week’s playlist:

1 Nad Sylvan – The Quartermaster (The Bride Said No)
2 Pymlico – The East Side (Guiding Light)
3 Mobius Strip – Mobius Strip (Mobius Strip)
4 Ramses – Someone Like You (La Leyla)
5 Abel Ganz – You and Tours (Gratuitous Flash 2016 Remaster)
6 Kepler Ten – Swallow Trail (Delta-v)
7 Tilt – Against the Rain (Hinterland)
8 Siiilk – Drifting Words (Endless Mystery)
9 Noir Reva – Agravic (Nuance)
10 Pendragon – The Wisdom of Soloman (Believe)
11 IO Earth – Take Me (IO Earth)
12 Evolve – Mousetrap
13 Modecai Smyth – Dissent into Chaos (The Mayor of Toytown is Dead)
14 Gentle Giant – Giant (Gentle Giant)

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Back next Sunday with music to give away from the superb new Drifting Sun album.