Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 65

Edition 65 of THE PROG MILL – first broadcast on Progzilla Radio on Sunday 30th July, is now ready for you to stream anytime or download. Another two hours of superb melodic and symphonic progressive rock.

This weeks playlist:

1 The Inner Road – Temple of Forgiveness (Sanctuary)
2 The Ryszard Kramarski Project – The Little Prince (Music Inspired by the Little Prince)
3 La Bocca Della Verita – Avenoth (Avenoth)
4 The Addiction Dream – Magic (Essence)
5 Believe – Lay Down Forever (World is Round)
6 White Spirit – Fool for the Gods (White Spirit)
7 Drifting Sun – Soldiers (Twilight)
8 Lorian – What I Might See (Virginal Mind)
9 Kim Seviour – Recovery is Learning (Recovery is Learning)
10 Jackson Heights – I Could Be Your Orchestra (Bump ‘n Grind)
11 Anubis – Hitch Hiking to Byzantium (Hitch Hiking to Byzantium)
12 Inner Ear Brigade – Black and White Taste (Dromology)
13 Gregorian Rock – Ashes (Fire)
14 Dworniak Bone Lapsa – Funny Farm (Fingers Pointing at the Moon)
You can hear the Prog MIll on Progzilla at the following times:
Sundays 10pm – Midnight UK time (2100-2300 UTC) MAIN BROADCAST
Tuesdays 0400-0600 UK time (Mon 8pm in LA or 11pm in NYC)
Tuesdays 2300-0100 UK time (2200-0000 UTC)

The podcast is usual posted online Monday or Tuesday each week with links on social media and the Progzilla website.

Your suggestions for melodic/symphonic progressive rock are very welcome for the Prog Mill. Please email shaun@progzilla.com or message via twitter @shaunontheair or www.facebook.com/theprogmill
Back next Sunday at 10pm UK with more proggy sounds. See you there hopefully!