Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 64

Edition 64 of THE PROG MILL first broadcast 23rd July on Progzilla Radio, is now available to stream anytime or download.

Another 2 hours of superb progressive rock old and new. This weeks playlist was:

1 Monarch Trail – Missing (Sand)
2 Zenit – Awaken (The Chandrasekhar Limit)
3 The Emerald Dawn – A Vision Left Unseen (Visions)
4 Lebowski – Mirador (Lebowski plays Lebowski)
5 Ghostly Beard – Close Your Eyes (Infinate EP)
6 Le Mrme – Regina Al Troubadour (Verita Nascoste)
7 Heliopolis – Elegy (City of the Sun)
8 Sproingg – Sugarwax Nailface (Sproingg)
9 Leyenda Mistica – El Flechador Del Cielo
10 Journey – Kohoutek (Journey)
11 Landmarq – Lighthouse (Science of Coincidence)
12 Cheer Accident – Lifetime Guarantee (Putting Off Death)
13 Uriah Heep – The Golden Palace (Sonic Origami)

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Plus the podcast available from Monday evening each week.

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Back next Sunday with another 2 hours of proggyness!