Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 61

Edition 61 of THE PROG MILL (first broadcast Sunday 2nd July on Progzilla Radio) is now available to download or stream any time you want.

This weeks playlist:

1 RPWL – Beyond Man and Time (Beyond Man and Time)
2 Comedy of Errors – Song of Wandering Jacomus (House of the Mind)
3 Big Big Train – The Leaden Stour (The Second Brightest Star)
4 Glorious Wolf – For You and I
5 Fish on Friday – Quiet Life (Quiet Life)
6 Geof Whitely Project – The Blessed and the Damned (The Blessed and the Damned)
7 Malibran – I Know Your Soul (Le Porte Del Silenzio)
8 Knight Area – Heaven and Beyond (Heaven and Beyond)
9 Roger Waters – Smell The Roses (Is this The Life We Really Want)
10 Lone Star – She Said She Said (BBC Sessions)
11 Dead Heroes Cub – Stranger in the Looking Glass (A Time of Shadow)
12 Gregorian – Comfortably Numb (Masters of Chant Chapter V)
13 Gregorian Rock – Talon (Fire)

The Prog Mill is first aired every Sunday at 10pm UK time (2100 UTC) here on Progzilla and is repeated twice on Tuesday at 0400-0600 UK time (0300-0500 UTC) for listeners in North America. And again 2300-0100 UK time (2200-0000 UTC).

Your proggy music suggestions are always very welcome. email shaun@progzilla.com, or message via twitter @shaunontheair or www.facebook.com/theprogmill

Back next Sunday at 10pm UK time with another PROG MILL CD GIVEAWAY – this time you can win the new album by the highly rated Canadian prog outfit PROJEKT GEMINEYE. See you there!