Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 50

The podcast for edition 50 of THE PROG MILL – originally broadcast on Progzilla Radio on 9th April 2017, is now ready to listen to any time you like or download.

This weeks playlist:

1 Napiers Bones – Citizen (Alpha Omega Man)
2 The Ryszard Kramarski Project – Snake from the Desert (Music Inspired by the Little Prince)
3 Madelgaire – Les Banquets D’Equinox (Im)Patience
4 Kaprekars Constant – Four Faced Liar (Fate Outsmarts Desire)
5 Long Earth – The Call (The Source)
6 Pallas – Generations (The Cross and the Crucible)
7 IQ – The Last Human Gateway – Excerpt (Tales from the Lost Attic)
8 King of Agogik – The Unavoidable Wayfare (Morning Star)
9 IT – The Working Man (We’re All In IT Together)
10 Sean Filkins – The English Eccentric (War and Peace and other Short Stories)
11 White Willow – Splinters (Signal to Noise)
12 Man – Keep On Crinting (Be Good To Yourself at least Once a Day)
13 Dire Straits – Telegraph Road (Love Over Gold/Alchemy/Money For Nothing compilation)

You can hear THE PROG MILL on Progzilla Radio at these times:
SUNDAYS 10pm – Midnight UK time (2100-2300 GMT) – MAIN BROADCAST
TUESDAYS 0400-0600 UK time (0300-0500 GMT) for listeners in North America
TUESDAYS 2300-0100 UK time (2200-0000 GMT)

Proggy music suggestions, and music submissions for airplay from progressive rock artists/bands (melodic/symphonic) are very welcome. email shaun@progzilla.com or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook www.facebook.com/theprogmill

Back next Sunday 10pm UK time with another brand new show.