Podcast – The Prog Mill edition 121

Edition 121 of THE PROG MILL – first broadcast on Progzilla Radio Sunday 2nd September, is now also available to stream online anytime you want or download as a mp3 file.

This week – as always two hours of sinply stunning melodic and symphonic progressive rock, primarily new but with a few classics thrown into the mix.

This Week’s Playlist

1 Philhelmon – Cosmic Argonaut (Perpetual Immobile)
2 Sunchild – Searching Diamonds (Messages from Afar – The Division & Illusion of Time)
3 Octavarium – Gold Rush (Out of Time)
4 Eivor – Falling Free (Slor)
5 Burntfield – Hereafter (Hereafter)
6 Napiers Bones – The Heights (Monuments)
7 Gryphon – Haddocks Eyes (Reinvention)
8 Barclay James Harvest – After The Day (And Other Short Stories…)
9 Encircled – Past Times (The Universal Mirth)
10 ELO – Fire on High (Face the Music)
11 Blue Cheer – Peave of Mind (New! Improved!)
12 Porcupine Tree – Time Flies (The Incident)
13 Queensryche – Silent Lucidity (Empire)
14 Jack Potter – Mime with No Reason (Pride Before The Fall)

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Your proggy music suggestions and submissions for the show are extremely welcome. Just email shaun@progzilla.com or message via twitter @shaunontheair or facebook.com/theprogmill