Podcast – Not The AmericanProg Show 54

Dead Bob is recuperating at a facility in Walsall, near Wales. In the meantime, the following fine artistes have come together to cheer him up:

Gungfly – Bringing Down The Walls

Jarkka Rissanen & Sons of the Desert – Detroit Blues

Big Big Train – Experimental Gentleman

Citizen Cain – Jonny Had Another Face

UK – Nevermore

Mew – Making Friends

Fantasy Bootleg – The Tangent / SeyYes

Magic Spell – Is There Anywhere A Gasstation

Ageness – Marigold

The Big Moon – The Undead

Motorpsycho – X3 / The Getaway Special (Knuckleheads in Space)

Lonely Robot – Hello World, Goodbye (possibly truncated)