“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 76”

I’m delighted to announce that The Ancient One Show No 76 (Featuring…Vol 1) is now available as a podcast.


1 The Nice – Brandenburger (Excerpt used as Intro)
2 Manning – The Last Psalm (Tall Stories for Small Children)
3 Juha Kujanpaa – Aurora (To Where My Wings Will Take Me)
4 The Flower Kings – Silent Inferno (Unfold The Future)
5 Manning – Pillars Of Salt (Songs From The Bilston House)
6 Kerrs Pink – Earth To Earth (Mystic Spirit)
7 Grandval – Creve Le Nuages (A Ciel Ouvert)
8 Manning – Margaret Montgomery (Anser’s Tree)
9 Gandalf’s Fist – The Battle For Tannhauser Gate ( Day In The Life Of A Universal W<anderer)
10 Kaipa – Like a Serpentine (Children of the Sounds)
11 Manning – Man in the Mirror (Charlestown)
12 Jim Griffin – An Ocean Mind (To A Far City)
13 Spleen Arcana – Erin Shores (The Light Beyond The Shade)
14 Jordsjo – Jord I + II (Jord)
15 Agusa – Bortom Hemom (Agusa)
16 Manning – The Root, The Leaf and The Bone. (The Root, The Leaf and The Bone)
17 Focus – The House of the King (In and Out of…)
18 The Nice – Brandenburger (Excerpt used as Outro)