“Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 59”

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for The Ancient One Show No 59 is now avaialable.


1 Ioearth Hormonix (Ioearth)
2 Antimatter Legions (Planetary Confinement)
3 Moth Vellum Whalehead (Moth Vellum)
4 Johannes Luley Stab The Sea (Tales From Sheepfather’s Grove)
5 Blackfield Glasshouse (Welcome To My DNA)
6 Fatal Fusion Shadow Of The King (Total Absence)
7 Airbag Homesick Pt1/2/3 (All Rights Removed)
8 Napier’s Bones Psychic Driving (The Alpha-Omega Man)
9 Orchestre Celesti The Court Of Miracles (Court Of Miracles Vol 1)
10 Spleen Arcana Tears Are made to Flow (The Field Where She Died)
11 This Winter Machine (The Man Who Never Was)
12 Thieve’s Kitchen Germander Speedwell (One For Sorrow Two For Joy)
13 Zenit Surrender (Surrender)
14 Moon Safari Yasgur’s Farm (Blomljud)
15 IQ The Last Human Gateway (Tales From The Lush Attic)
16 The Light Afternoon A Boy On A Farm (The History Of Mr Puffin Man)
17 Bo Hansson The Wandering Song (The Magician’s Hat)