Podcast: The Ancient One Edition 53

Astute observers will realise that TAO missed out his normal preamble to the playlist. My apologies for any inconvenience, but rest assured, I remembered this time.

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for Edition 53 of The Ancient One is now available.


1 Samurai of Prog – Drottningholmsmusiken (intro) (Rokstenen)
2 La Coscienza Di Zeno – Nei Cerchi Del Legno (La Coscienza Di Zeno)
3 Malibran – Livin’ Alone (Le Porte Del Silenzio)
4 Kaprekar’s Constant – Houdini (Fate Outsmarts Desire)
5 Anderson/Stolt – Know (Invention Of Knowledge)
6 Comedy Of Errors – Carousel (Disobey)
7 Karfagen – Magician’s Spell (Magician’s Theatre)
8 Khan – Mixed Up Man Of The Mountains (Space Shanty)
9 Lebowski – Human Error (Cinematic)
10 Magenta – The Lizard King (The 27 Club)
11 Old Mrs Galloway – The Chain Saw (Real Radio Best of Vol 8)
12 Joost Maglev – Play The Game (Overwrite The Sin)
13 Samurai of Prog – Inception (Lost and Found)
14 Gandalf’s Fist – Shadowborn (The Clockwork Fable)
15 Bootcut – Ganglat Fran Overnaker (outro) (Rokstenen)