Podcast: The Ancient One – Edition 48

I’m delighted to announce that the podcast for Edition 48 of The Ancient One is now available.


Intro Samurai of Prog – Drottningholmsmusiken (Rockstenen)
1 After Crying – Pilgrim’s March (Almost Pure Instrumental)
2 The Aurora Project – Warmongers (World Of Grey)
3 Progression – Hobbit Hall (Noxologic)
4 This Winter Machine – The man Who Never Was (The man Who Never Was)
5 Garth Hudson – The Breakers (The Sea To The North)
6 Hector Brocklebank – Fash Smoking Ban (Best of)
7 Kaipa – Electric Power Water Notes (In The Wake Of Evolution)
8 Comedy Of Errors – Spirit Pt 1-5 (Spirit)
9 RPWL – Three Lights (World Through My Eyes)
10 Adventure – Refugees (Refugees EP)
11 Mark Rowen – On The Blue Horizon (Radiance)
12 Pink Floyd – Embryo/Ummagumma ad/Grandchester Meadows (The Early Years 67-72)
13 Porcupine Tree – Radioactive Toy (On The Sunday Of Life)
14 Hibernal – The Dark City/Night In Carson Town (The Dark Of The City)
15 Gandalf – 2nd Door/Castles Of Sand (Magic Theatre)
16 Yak – Quest For The Stones exerpt (Quest For Stones)
Outro Bootcut – Ganglat Fran Overnaker (Rokstenen)