Podcast – The AmericanProg Show February 2018

‘La Villa Strangiato’ – Rush
‘The Big Medley’ – Dream Theater
‘Mobile Trees (The Existential Song)’ – Brett William Kull
‘Party’ – Phideaux
‘Farmer Giles Of Ham’ – As Follows
‘The Silent Type’ – Umphrey’s McGee
‘You And I’ – Zriku
‘On The Road’ – Fordham Road
‘Stand Tall’ – Brian!
‘A View’ – Birzer Bandana
‘Bipolar’ – Rausch
‘Voyage To The Other Side’ – Mystery
‘Reveries From The Haunted’ – Realm Of Glass
‘The Slave I Am’ – For My Epitaph
‘INRI’ – Ballesta
‘Extra-Dimensional Pulses’ – Hamerzya
‘Consecuencias’ – Cirse
‘Little Things’ – Life Like Fire