Podcast 92: Krazzloft Vinyl Show 28th February 2020


Broadcast 27th February 2020

·         The Voice Alan Parsons Project
·         Early Morning Epitaph
·         Small Beginnings Flash
·         It Can Happen Yes
·         Seventh Heaven FM
A Set of Hippy Music
·         Did You Go Downtown Joy of Cooking
·         For What It’s Worth Buffalo Sprinfield
·         Almost Cut My Hair Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
·         Kozmik Blues Janis Joplin
Cruisin’ 6-Pack-Songs About Sailing
·         Don’t Pay The Ferryman Chris DeBurgh
·         Sea Cruise Glen Frey
·         Come Sail Away Styx
·         Sailing Christopher Cross
·         Home By The Sea Genesis
·         Sea of Joy Blind Faith
21st Century Set
·         Lavender Ray LaMontagne
·         Our Swords Band of Horses
·         Time’s Motet and Galliard Comedy of Errors
·         Jigsaw Marillion
·         Let’s Live Together Glass Harp
·         I Think of You Renaissance
SIAS: Miles Davis “Bitches Brew” (S2) Miles Davis – Bitches Brew
·         Miles Runs The Voodoo Down Miles Davis
·         Sanctuary Miles Davis
Time to find a groove!
·         Midnight Flyer Trapeze
·         Look Wot You Dun Slade
·         Wanna Shout It Bites
Genres Collide! Segue or Trainwreck?
·         Drowned Pete Townshend
·         Black Crow Joni Mitchell
·         Hounds of Love Kate Bush
·         Despite Repeated Warnings Paul McCartney
·         She Wandered Through The Garden Fence Procol Harum
·         The Great Train Robbery Mountain
·         Post Toasties Tommy Bolin
·         Sunshine of Your Love Cream
·         Jewish Spirit
Chill Down Set  
·         Bouree Jethro Tull
·         Love Remembered Focus
·         Baker Street Gerry Rafferty
·         Babylon Sister Steely Dan
·         The City Mark-Almond B>and



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