Podcast 9: Do You Remember…? – 5 February 2023

Do You Remember…? A nostalgic nod to the formative musical years of the mid ’60s to the late ’80s

Show 9 : 5 February 2023


Echoes – Pink Floyd (Meddle)

Blue Wind – Jeff Beck (Wired)

Eight Miles High – The Byrds (Fifth Dimension)

Wooden Ships – Crosby, Stills & Nash (Crosby, Stills & Nash)

Venus – Television (Marquee Moon)

Prodigal Son – Steel Pulse (Handsworth Revolution)

Squarer for Maud – National Health (Of Queues and Cures)

The Love In Your Eye – Caravan   (Waterloo Lily)

Caravan – Utopia (Adventures In Utopia)

Part III – Pursuance – John Coltrane (A Love Supreme)

Peace – Courtney Pine (Journey To The Urge Within)

Bananas – Live 12 September 1973 – Man (Life On The Road: On Air 1972-1983)


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