Podcast 8: The Prog Bus with Dave Watkins 17th Nov 2021

The Prog Bus
With Dave Watkins
Broadcast 17th Nov 2021

Marillion – He Knows You Know
Looking Glass Lantern – Town & Country
Ships Fly Up – Wonderworker
The Paradox Twin – Specular
Fleesh – Eclipsed
Lost Tuesday Society – Time Stops
Ross Jennings – Phoenix [ think this is a radio first track! ]
Damon Albarn – Royal Morning Blue
John Wilkinson – Stranded
Schiller – She Never Saw The Ocean
Hamerzya – Earth Rebirth Theme / Ethereal Ones
Sanguine Hum – Settle Down
Renaissance – Ocean Gypsy
Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham – You Took My Breath Away
Fish – Internal Exile

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