Podcast 8: Flight of the Sky Pilot – 16 January 2022

Flight of the Sky Pilot

Show 6 – Some of the best of 2021

Broadcast 16 January 2022


Last One Home – Lifesigns (Altitude)

Rite of Accession – Elephant9 (Arrival Of The New Elders)

Notwithstanding – Gilgamesh (Gilgamesh)

Jean Pierre – Miles Davis (The Lost Concert)

As The Spirit Sings – John McLaughlin (Liberation Time)

20 20 – Dave Holland (Another Land)

Southbound – Chris Potter (Sunrise Reprise)

713 – James Francies (Purest Form)

Bright Size Life – Pat Metheny (Side-Eye NYC (V1.IV) )

Circles – John Holden (Circles In Time)

Ordine Nuovo (Reingold Mix) – Tillison Reingold Tiranti (Allium: Una Storia)

Delusion Angel – Theo Travis (Songs From The Apricot Tree)

The Hungry Heart – Smalltape (The Hungry Heart)

This Is The Way I Am – Rachel Flowers (Bigger On The Inside)

Love’s Lost Property – Three Colours Dark (Love’s Lost Property)

Endnotes – Big Big Train (Common Ground)

Cycles Of Behaviour – Nick Fletcher (Cycles Of Behaviour)


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