Podcast 73 : Tales of the Tiger Moth

Podcast 73 Tales from The Tiger Moth

The Moody Blues – Evening

Genesis – Turn It On Again

Camel Chord Change

Camel – Down On The Farm

John Holden – Crimson Sky (Featuring Julie Gater)

Kino – Radio Voltaire

Jem Godfrey & Simon Godfrey – Answer 4 (Jem)

Drifting Sun – Twilight (the Other Side of Life)

Camel – supertwister Camel – squigely fair

John Holden – One Race (Featuring Joe Payne)

The Nice – Hang On To A Dream

Jem Godfrey & Simon Godfrey – Answer 7 (Simon)

Kino – Temple Tudor Drifting Sun – Soldiers

Camel – Lies Camel – End Of The Line, Live

Steve Hackett – Every Day, Live