Podcast 6: Flight of the Sky Pilot – 21 November 2021

Flight of the Sky Pilot

Show 4

Broadcast 21 November 2021


Year of the Cat (Live 1978) – Al Stewart (Time Passages (Deluxe) )

Human Behaviour – Bjork (Debut)

Seventh Arrow – Weather Report (Weather Report (1971) )

Just Around The Corner – Herbie Hancock (Mr Hands)

Chameleon Sky – Argos (The Other Life)

Johnny Head-in-Air – Argos (The Other Life)

My Favourite Things – James Francies (Purest Form)

Levitate – James Francies (Purest Form)

Eyes Wide Shut – James Francies (Purest Form)

The Energy of Life – Matthew Halsall (Salute to the Sun)

Mirrors – Seed Ensemble (Driftglass)

Ataraxia – Graham Costello (Second Lives)

The Beaches of Lesbos – Daniel Herskedal (Harbour)

One – Octarine Sky (Close to Nearby)

AB – Rachel Flowers (Bigger on the Inside)

The Storm (Parts 1 & 2) – This Winter Machine (Kites)

Morning Sprite (Live at SPC Music Hall) – Chick Corea Akoustic Band (Live)


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