Podcast 52: The Krazzloft Vinyl Show 14th April 2019



Broadcast   14th April 2019

1.      THE COMING OF THE MARTIANS (SIDE 1) Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds
2.       The Eve of The War Justin Hayward & Richard Burton
3.       Horshell Common and the Heat Ray Richard Burton Narration
4.       Nightmare Anthony Phillips
5.       Nobody Else Atomic Rooster
6.       Rain Is Falling Electric Light Orchestra
7.       Mad Jack Baker Gurvitz Army
8.       Swetadwip Golden Avatar
9.      THE COMING OF THE MARTIANS (SIDE 2) Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds
10.   The Artillerymen and the Fighting Machine David Essex & Richard Burton
11.   Forever Autumn Justin Hayward & Richard Burton
12.   Thunder Child Chris Thompson & Ricard Burton
13.   Welcome To The Cruise/Sukarita Judy Tzuke
14.   Vrindavan Ananta
15.   I Got You Eating Out Of My Hand It Bites
16.   Samurai Grand Prix
17.   Incommunicado Marillion
18.   Life Line 10CC
19.  THE EARTH UNDER THE MARTIANS (SIDE 3) Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds
20.   The Red Weed (Part 1) Richard Burton
21.   Parson Nathaniel Richard Burton & Phil Lynott
22.   The Spirit Of Man Julie Covington, Phil Lynott, R Burton
23.   The Red Weed (Part 2) Richard Burton
24.   If I Were Brittania I’d Waive The Rules Budgie
25.   Kansas City Milkman Level 42
26.   I Love You (Miss Robot) Buggles
27.   Computer Game (Theme From The Circus) Yellow Magic Orchestra
28.   Rosanna Violinski
29.  THE EARTH UNDER THE MARTIANS (SIDE 4) Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds
30.   Brave New World David Essex / Richard Burton
31.   Dead London Richard Burton
32.   Epilogue (Part 1) Richard Burton
33.   Epilogue (Part 2) Jerry Wayne
34.   Vivaldi Sky
35.   The Void Daryl Way’s Wolf
36.   Cats On The Coast Sea Level
37.   Home Folks C’est What?
38.   July Al Dimeola
39.   Angela (Theme from Taxi) Bob James