Podcast 30: Flight of The Sky Pilot – 21 May 2023


Flight of the Sky Pilot – Show 22, first broadcast 21 May 2023


Gone in the Blink of an Eye – Unitopia (Artificial)

Fast – Aisles (Beyond Drama)

Stonewall – Ruby Dawn (Beyond Tomorrow)

Jubilation – Lakecia Benjamin (Phoenix)

Phlox – Emma Rawicz (Chroma)

Moods – Lakecia Benjamin (Phoenix)

Neon Eye Cage – Verbal Delirium (Conundrum)

Firebird – Covet (Catharsis)

Afterglow – The Enigma Division (The Enigma Division)

True North – Polinski (Misericordia)

Fogwalking – Us and Them (…and I observed The Blue Sky)

The Singularity – Chaos and The Cosmos (Our Song)

Quiet Euphoria – Amoeba Split (Quiet Euphoria)

Humdrum – The Mousetrap Factory (The Beauty of Routine)

Take Five – Tito Puente (12 Mambos & Take Five)

Annamarrakech – Corrie Dick (Impossible Things)

Florida Room – Donald Fagen (Kamakiriad)

The Place Where I Belong – Riverside (ID.Entity)


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