Podcast 25: Flight of The Sky Pilot – 15 January 2023

Flight of the Sky Pilot – Show 18, first broadcast 15 January 2023


The Paradox Parts 1 & 2 – Nick Fletcher (The Cloud of Unknowing)

The Ones You Left Behind – Retreat From Moscow (The World As We Knew It)

The Liner Notes – Rosalie Cunningham (Two-Piece Puzzle)

Underwater – Sun’s Signature (Sun’s Signature)

Against The Tide – John Holden (Kintsugi)

Generosity – Nanot (Nanot)

Law Hill – Fergus McCreadie (Forest Floor)

Incantation – Emma Rawicz (Incantation)

The Letting Go – David Longdon (Door One)

Shuffle Bubble – Lydian Collective (Return)

Marmalade Skies – Mark Lockheart (Dreamers)

Long Gone – Redman Mehldau McBride Blade (LongGone)

Ascension – Gleb Kolyadin (The Outland)

The Changes – The Tangent (Songs From The Hard Shoulder)


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