Podcast 23: Flight of The Sky Pilot – 20 November 2022


Flight of the Sky Pilot – Show 16, first broadcast 20 November 2022


Why Should I Lend You Mine… – Brand X (Moroccan Roll)

Floating Bodies – Nanot (Nanot)

Movement 1 – Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders (Promises)

Eternal – Virgil & Steve Howe (Lunar Mist)

Avalon – The Round Window (The Round Window)

Summer Meadows – Bjorn Riis (A Fleeting Glimpse)

Wide Open Space – Lydian Collective (Return)

Bring It On – Gomez (Liquid Skin)

More Than A Dream – Unitopia (More Than A Dream)

De Profundis – Thieves’ Kitchen (Shibboleth)

Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead (Kid A)

Ashes – Threshold (March of Progress)

Blue Rondo a la Turk – The Dave Brubeck Quartet (Time Out)

The Only Joy In Town – Joni Mitchell (Night Ride Home)

School Days – Return To Forever (The Mothership Returns)

November – Lydian Collective (Return)


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