Podcast 2: The Sky Pilot Invades Progzilla Towers 1st Sept 2021


The Skypilot Invades Progzilla Towers

1st September 2021

What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye (What’s Going On)

On The Shoulders of Giants – Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly (Alone Together)

School Days – Stanley Clarke (School Days)

Paper Plane – Status Quo (Piledriver)

Space Station #5 – Montrose (Montrose)

Can’t Get Enough – Bad Company (Bad Company)

One of These Nights – Eagles (One of These Nights)

A Dream Within a Dream/ The Raven – Alan Parsons Project (Tales of Mystery & Imagination)

Inside and Out – Genesis (Spot The Pigeon)

Whatever’s Written in Your Heart – Gerry Rafferty (City to City)

Carouselambra – Led Zeppelin (In Through The Out Door)

Bright Size Life – Pat Metheny (Bright Size Life)

Right Here, Right Now, Right On – John McLaughlin (Liberation Time)

Where The Streets Lead – Slowly Rolling Camera (Where The Streets Lead)

Impala Formidable – El Tubo Elastico (Impala)

Mash Up – Dave Holland (Another Land)

Mobius Cube – Mobius Strip (Time Lag)

Kim – Steve Hackett (Please Don’t Touch)

Julia – John Hackett (The Piper Plays His Tune)

Syrinx – John Hackett (Moonspinner)

Philosopher King – Nick Fletcher (Cycles of Behaviour)

Aurora – Resistor (The 5th Season)

Tectonic Plates – Violent Silence (Twilight Furies)

Samba Pa Ti – Santana (Abraxas)