Podcast 16: Flight of the Sky Pilot – 15 May 2022

Flight of the Sky Pilot

Show 10

15 May 2022


Sometime World – Wishbone Ash (Argus)

Old Mother Europe – Arlekin (The Secret Garden)

Song of the Wind – Cirrus Bay (The Search For Joy)

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat – Joni Mitchell (Mingus)

White Water – Fergus McCreadie (Forest Floor)

Out of The Woods – Lydian Collective (Return)

The Lady Tied To The Lamp Post – The Tangent (Songs From The Hard Shoulder)

I Think I Love You Too Much – Ben Poole (Time Has Come)

Hide And Seek – Imogen Heap (Speak For Yourself)

I’m Not Alright – Pattern-Seeking Animals (Only Passing Through)

The Crow and The Nightingale – Marillion (An Hour Before It’s Dark)

Breathing – Kidsø (Fir)

Deep Sleep 1 – Akku Quintet (Live)

I Remember The Age of Steam – Stewart Clark (Journeys)

Wind Distorted Pioneers – Big Big Train (Goodbye To The Age of Steam)

Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn)


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