Podcast 157: Tales From the Tiger moth 20th Nov 2021

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 157

Broadcast 20th Nov 2021

Francis Dunnery – Paving Stones
Yes – The Western Edge
This Winter Machine – Broken
Tidehouse – Some Hearts Are Abandoned
robert reed – The Ringmaster Part One A (Excerpt)
Mariana Semkina – Friend
Jon Anderson – Moon Ra _ Chords _ Song of Search
Cicely Courtneidge – Laughing Gas
Steve Hackett – Day Of The Dead
Francis Dunnery – Thought I Was Nothing
Commodores – Machine Gun
Pete Jones – Stardust
Drifting Sun – Forsaken Innocence, Pt. 2
Tom Slatter – Let’s All Pretend
Grace and Fire – Paradise Lost
Red Bazar – In The Beginning
Kaprekar’s Constant – White Star’s Sunrise
Druid – Painters Clouds
This Winter Machine – Pleasure And Purpose
Francis Dunnery – Have Some Of Mine
Stanley Holloway – Jonah And The Grampus
Genesis – The Colony of Slippermen