Podcast 148: Krazzloft Vinyl Show 14th Feb 2021


Broadcast 14th Feb 2020

Show 148

·         Departure/Ride My See-Saw Moody Blues
·         On the Run Pink Floyd
·         Hyper Gamma Spaces Alan Parsons Project
·         Children of the Future Steve Miller Band
·         Magic Carpet Ride (Kraftwerk Bed) Steppenwolf
·         Green Eyed Lady Sugarloaf
·         I’d Love Once Just To See You Beach Boys
·         Midnight Rambler Rolling Stones
·         How Many More Times (H Mandel Bed) Led Zeppelin
·         Across the Universe The Beatles
·         Astronomy Domine Pink Floyd
·         Mr. Spaceman The Byrds
·         Space Oddity (Gong Bed) David Bowie
It Exploded Somewhere Around 1967  
·         Creeque Alley Mammas & the Papas
·         White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane
·         Tales Of Brave Ullyses Cream
·         The Crystal Ship The Doors
·         Love Has Found A Way/Why Can’t I Be Free Spirit
·         Are You Experienced (J Warrior Bed) Jimi Hendrix
·         Uncle John’s Band Grateful Dead
·         Suite: Judy Blue Eyes Crosby Stills & Nash
·         Season of the Witch (Beatles Bed) Donovan
·         Who Are the Brain Police? Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
·         Cucamonga Zappa/Beefheart/Mothers
·         Le Trente-Hutt Cunegonde Firesign Theatre
·         Left Hand Luke (T Dream Bed) T Rex
SIAS: Jethro Tull-Thick As A Brick (Side 1) Jethro Tull
·         (The Enid Bed)  
·         Medieval Overture Return To Forever w/Chick Corea
·         21st Century Schizoid Man King Crimson
·         Ball and Chain (Touch Bed) Big Brother & the Holding Company
A bit More Obscure Psych  
·         Half A Tap Michaelangelo
·         Moonsong: Pelog Joe Byrd & the Field Hippies
·         One More Rainy Day (S Miller Bed) Deep Purple
·         We’re Not Gonna Take It The Who
·         Nobody Else Atomic Rooster
·         In the Time of Our Lives (7th Wave Bed) Iron Butterfly
A Couple of Epics  
·         Dancing With the Moonlit Knight Genesis
·         Heart of the Sunrise (Tomita Bed) Yes
One Last Trip Into the 70’s  
·         Lucy In the Sky The Beatles
·         Hall of the Mountain Grill Hawkwind
·         Spidergawd/Eep Hour Jerry Garcia
·         Still You Turn Me On (Amon Dull 2 Bed) Emerson Lake & Palmer
·         White Bird It’s A Beautiful Day




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