Podcast 100: Tales from The Tiger Moth 3rd August 2019

Tales From The Tiger Moth 

Edition 100

Broadcast 3rd August 2019

Magenta – Moving On
Led Zeppelin – Down By The Seaside
Camel – Ice
Colin Tench Project – Part 4b
Sgt Tenchipoos Lonely Blimey Band – Mexico
Novus – Lie To Me
Tom Slatter – Watermen’s Square
Simon Godfrey – The Inaccurate Man
Genesis – Cul-de-sac
The Tangent – Lost In London
Tiger Moth Tales – Winter Maker
Francis Dunnery – Still Too Young To Remember
John Mitchell – The Tall Ships
Red Bazar – We Will Find You
Seven Steps TO The Green Door – The Word Made Flesh
The Gift – The Tallest Tree
Barock Project – Alone
John Holden – Leap Of Faith (Demo)
Encircled – Log Out – The Universal Mirth
Camel – End Of The Line
Gabriele Baldocci – Guide Me Home – How Can I Go On
Pete Jones and Friends – Feels Alright