Podcast 046 : The Beginner’s Guide To Prog 10th May 2023


Dongyang Gozupa – Hide and Seek

Ozul – Lønahorgi

Jethro Tull – The Navigators

Yes – Cut From The Stars

Peter Gabriel – I/O (Dark Side Mix)

Voyager – Promise

Radical Bicep – Overrule

Sara Loera – The Wars Will Save Us

ZIO – I Hear Them Whistling

The Mirror Image – Waiting For The Sun

The Enigma Division – Echoes In The Deep

Polinski – Proof Of Life

Covet – Firebird

Us and Them – Evening Song

Ruby Dawn – Breakdown

April Marmara – Who Knows Where The Love Goes

Silver Moth – Henry

PLANK – Breaking Waves (Pts1-6)