Podcast 024: The Beginner’s Guide To Prog 6th July 2022


Kinky Wizzards – Caffeine Overdose

Haze – See You On The Other Side

Andy Hughes – A Voyage To Hong Kong

Cairo – Say

4th Labyrinth – Pretty Coloured Faces (For You)

Spriggan Mist – Isambard The Mechanical Dragon

Viper Soup Complex – Choking Swans

The Skys – Singing Tree

Square Wild – Fishman

The Room – Broken

Dandelion Charm – Flicker

Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham – The One

Magenta – I’m Alive

Mostly Autumn – Forever and Beyond

Elaine Samuels and Kindred Spirit Band – The Alchemyst

Focus – Focus 11

Solstice – Shout

Franck Carducci – Love Is The Answer