Spooky Tooth – Better by you

Mick Ronson – I’d give anything to see you

Jobriath – Inside

Black Mountain – Defector

Ghost BC – Monstrance Clock

Simon & Garfunkel with Andy Williams – Scarborough Fair

Rod Reed & Angharad Brinn – Willows Song

Trees – The Garden of Jane Delwaney

Mandy Morton & Spriguns – Magic Lady

Comus – The Herald

David Longdon & Rob Reed + Steve Hackett – Spectral Mornings

Tommee Profitt – Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)

Lev Weksler – Flight of the Bumble Bee

ELP – Maple leaf rag

Tommy Emmanuel – Classical Gas

Glass Harp – Sugar plum fairy (Tchikovsky)

Ten things brass ensemble – Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart)

Martin Spitznagel & Brian White – Cantina Band (Star Wars)

Family Guy – Cantina Band

Metropolis Zone Acapella – Sonic 2

Antal Zalai – Jozsef Balog – Golliwogs Cake Walk (Debussy)

Acapela Chipmunk promo

Enter the Dragon – Theme music

The Thirsty Bitches – The Ballad of Max Loofer

Faust – The Sad Skinhead

Stephen Hawking – Monty Pythons Galaxy Song

The Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow

Blue Cheer – Peace of Mind

King Crimson – I talk to the wind

Blonde on Blonde – Ride with Captain Max

Hawkwind – The aubergine that ate Rangoon

Mike Rutherford – Smallcreeps Day – Extract