The Tangent – A spark in the aether

Abel Ganz – One small soul

The Mighty RA – Nothing comes too early

Seven steps to the green door – Days run away

RPWL – Victim of desire

I am the manic whale – The man with many faces

Viriditas – Green Mars

Orpheus nine – Fetish

Solstice – Long gone

The Reasoning – A Musing Dream

I am the manic whale – Run with the fox

Mick Pointer Band – Forgotten Sons

Kinetic Element – Into the lair

Ghost of the machine – Mountain

The CSides Project – Beneath the sky

The CSides Project – 10 Days

Azure – The Jellyfish

Hayley Grifffiths Band – Haunted

Cairo – Say

The Wood Demons – Indian Summer

Spriggan Mist – Day of the dead

Fluctus Quadratum – Acquiescence ll

Drifting Sun – I will be king

Rob reed – Interview

Cyan – Nightflight

Knight Area – The Dream

Knight Area – Afraid of the dark