New Chat System

Chatwee has been a good system for our needs, but has been temperamental of late. There is also the fact that, as he is blind, Peter Jones is unable to use it, as it isn’t supported by his screen reader.

We tried another system called Arrowchat, but found a number of issues with it.

Therefore, we have replaced the chat system again – we are now using one called Cometchat and so far, it seems to be behaving itself!


The good news is that Peter can use it, so all our chat will appear in the same place – huzzah! B->

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to login in order to use it – by far the easiest way is by using the ‘Connect with Progzilla’ panel in the top right hand clicking on the Facebook, Google+ or Twitter icons.


Thank you for sticking with us while we clear the dust away from all this work! B->