Podcast 218: The Krazzloft Vinyl Show (KLVS – Progressive Tracks Takeover – A Sophomoric Effort) 22 October, 2022

THE KRAZZLOFT VINYL SHOW #218 (“ProgTracks’ Second One… A Sophomoric Effort”)

Alan has seen fit to allow Mike ‘ProgTracks’ Pollack from The Progressive Tracks Show into the Krazzloft for a second time (Alan’s a slow learner, evidently).

So this week Mike attempts to once again fill the massive void left by Alan ‘Krazzlow’.

Tune in to hear how Mike does…as of airtime, the smart money’s was on ‘crash and burn’.

—————————“Falling Apart Already” Set—————————

—————————-“Standing On My Own” Set—————————

—————————–“What Time Is It?  Time For Music!” Set—————————

—————————— Six EIGHT-Pack Hack—————————

—————————“SPACE!” Set—————————

—————————“Super Ska Master’s Set”—————————

—————————“Slide Into A Side” – SIDE 1 of Daniel Ash’s Coming Down (1991)—————————

—————————“A Set of Punk…no, REALLY!”—————————

—————————“Prog – New… or Classic?” Set—————————

—————————“A Classic Cool-Down” Set—————————