Heavy Elements #237

Edition 237 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Amorphis – House of Sleep
Ebonivory – Explosions After Dark
Paul Wardingham – We Are The Virus
Nine Miles Down – The Weathervane
Oceans of Slumber – A Return to the Earth Below

That Was The Year That Prog: 1997
Symphony X – Of Sins and Shadows
Vanden Plas – Rainmaker
Royal Hunt – Time Will Tell
Conception – Flow
Pain of Salvation – Winning a War

Epic at 11: Odd Logic – Effigy

Green Carnation – Just When You Think It’s Safe
Madder Mortem – A Different Kind of Hell

Album of the Week: HeKz – Caerus
Progress & Failure
The Left Hand of God
The Black Hand

Leprous – Chronic

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