Heavy Elements 329

Edition 329 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Pomegranate Tiger – The Cryptographer
In The Woods… – A Wonderful Crisis
Rabea Massaad & Plini – Giving 6
Immortal Guardian – Perfect Person
Hammers Of Misfortune – Outside Our Minds

Now To Then: Avandra
Eternal Return
Beyond the Threshold: Parts 1 & 2
Garden of Remembrance

Transience – Disillusion
Acolyte – Acceptance
In The Presence of Wolves – The One Who Fell To Earth
Fair to Midland – April Fools and Eggmen/Ciperion
Symphony X – Run With The Devil
Michael Romeo – Black
Circus Maximus – Namaste
Green Carnation – Crushed to Dust
Intronaut – Eventual

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