Heavy Elements 317

Edition 317 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Toehider – Bralien Messes Up
Voyager – Submarine
Threshold – Silenced
Hyper Planet – To Live With Wisdom
Evenfall – শেকড় (Shekor)

Now to Then: Vanden Plas
Godmaker (live)
Under the Horizon
Vision 11even * in My Universe
Postcard To God
End of All Days
I’m In You
Salt In My Wounds
My Crying

Malum Sky – Diatribe
Temples on Mars – Gods & Kings
Andy Gillion – Skyless (feat. Jeff Loomis)
Hung – Snarkysnoop (feat. Dan Griffin)
Pain of Salvation – Ending Theme

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, I hope you enjoyed the show. If you missed it, it repeats on Tuesday at 3.00am (10.00pm eastern on Monday in the US) at https://progzilla.com/listen/

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