Heavy Elements 281

Edition 281 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Abnormal Thought Patterns – Nocturnal Haven (feat. Tommy Rogers & Jeff Loomis)
Semistereo – 25th Frame
Knecht – Destruction
Osyron – Griefmaker (re-recorded)
The Vicious Head Society – Judgement

That Was The Year That Prog: 2017
In The Presence of Wolves – White Noise
Adagio – Subrahmanya
Witherfall – Portrait
Uneven Structure – Alkaline Throat

Epic at 11: Symphony X – Rediscovery (Segue)/Rediscovery, Pt. 2: The New Mythology

Skyharbor – Menace
Limit Zero – Galaxies Bleed (feat. Keshav Dhar)

Album of the Week: Pagan’s Mind – Celestial Entrance
Entrance: Stargate
The Prophesy Of Pleiades
Aegean Shores

A Dying Planet – Facing The Incurable

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