Heavy Elements 280

Edition 280 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Vanden Plas – Vision 3hree * Godmaker *
Anima Tempo – The Infinite Eye
Atomic Symphony – Enslaved
Endless Chain – Nothing More
Animate – Ghostmaker

That Was The Year That Prog: 2004
Fates Warning – Another Perfect Day
Deadsoul Tribe – Spider and Flies
Canvas Solaris – Sublimation
Evergrey – In The Wake Of The Weary
Anubis Gate – Hypernosis

Epic at 11: Hemina – Divine

DGM – New Life
TimeLost – Stage III. Rage

Album of the Week: The Ocean – Precambrian
Hadean: The Long March of the Yes-Men
Ectasian: De Profundis
Mesoarchaean: Legions of Winged Octopi

Tool – Invincible

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