Heavy Elements 264

Edition 264 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Karnivool – Themata
Cellar Twins – Millenium
Royal Hunt – The Eye of Oblivion
Blue Hour Ghosts – Walking Backwards
Pollen – Crevasse

That Was The Year That Prog: 2006
Tool – Vicarious
Outworld – I, Thanatos
Ihsahn – And He Shall Walk in Empty Places
Canvas Solaris – Panoramic Long-Range Vertigo
Communic – Under A Luminous Sky

Epic at 11: Persefone – Seed (Acts I – V)

I Built The Sky – Up Into the Ether
Kettlespider – Life

Album of the Week: Oddland – Origin

Dream Theater – The Root of All Evil

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