Heavy Elements #210

Edition 210 of Steve Blease’s Heavy Elements is now available as a podcast.


Arch/Matheos – Wrath of the Universe
Ivory Tower – The Offer
In Mourning – Yields of Sand
Hollow Haze – Destinations
Turilli / Lione Rhapsody – Multidimensional

That Was The Year That Prog: 2007
Redemption – Memory
Riverside – Cybernetic Pillow
Pain of Salvation – Scarsick
Symphony X – Revelation (Divus Pennae Ex Tragoedia)

Epic at 11: Shadow Gallery – Ghostship (pts I – VII)

Angra – Lisbon
Galactic Cowboys – You Make Me Smile

Album of the Week: Leprous – Coal
The Cloak
The Valley

Threshold – Innocent

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