From the Attic 33 – The Unsung Nellie Pitts


The latest Pod features Prog Magazine’s Two-Times Winning Unsung Hero (All Rights Reserved), the marvellous Nellie Pitts. Seen here wearing a hat.


Find out why she is/was unsung. Ask yourself why, after the first time she was deemed to be unsung, she won the Unsung Award again. Learn about prog merchandising, multi-tasking, cat-herding, bag slash hat slash making and more. Hear some groovy tunes, including one that has yodelling in it. And above all, you’ll at least begin to try and fathom out all her many and varied different website addresses. Big Baggy Noddy Friday, et al. She’s so busy she has tons, so we  have tried to help her out by reproducing them all below, in a handily readable format. Called English.

For CDs etc:

For the Noodly Boggy Freddy: Bags, Hats and Whatnot website and social media pages:


For bands to book tours and whatnot: