Tales From The Tiger Moth

Tales from The Tiger Moth 

18th Dec 2021

Edition 159 


I Am The Manic Whale – The Dawntreader
Jethro Tull – Another Christmas Song
Les Penning and Robert Reed – The Last Bells Of Winter
Gandalf’s Fist – Winter’s Mourning
Grace and Fire – A Warrior’s Tale
Tchaikovsky – Dance Of The Sugar-Plum Fairy
iamthemorning – i wonder as i wander
Rick Wakeman – Silent Night
Jon Anderson – 3 Ships
Straight No Chaser – The Christmas Can-Can
This Winter Machine – Sometimes
Les Penning And Robert Reed – In The Bleak Mid Winter
Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)
Elaine Paige – The Coldest Night of the Year (Incredible Phat)
That Joe Payne – December Will Be Magic Again (a cappella)
Adam Neely – Christmastime is 15-16
IQ – Merry Christmas Everybody
Tchaikovsky – Dance Of The Reed-Pipes
Dave & Toni Arthur – Winter Is Come
Steeleye Span – All Around My Hat
Samuel Cant – Santa Baby
Francis Dunnery – Waiting For This Moment
John Holden and Friends – Northern Lights
Sting – The Snow It Melts The Soonest
Genesis – Snowbound
Cyan – Snowbound
Marshall Cavendish – Good King Wenceslas
Chris Squire’s Swiss Choir – Sussex Carol
Adam Neely – God Rest Ye Merry 15-16
The Prog World Orchestra – The Little Drummer Boy
Bob Rivers – The Twisted Chipmunk Song
Paul McCartney – Beautiful Night
Big Big Train – Propper Jack Froster


Tales From The Tiger Moth 

Edition 45 Camel Special 

Broadcast Xmas 2016


Camel - Aristillus (Excerpt) 
Camel - Another Night
Camel - Chord Change 
Camel - Skyline (Excerpt) 
Camel - A Song Within A Song
Camel - Spirit Of The Water 
Camel - Airborn 
Camel - Lunar Sea 
Camel - Never Let Go, Live (Excerpt) 
Camel - Hopeless Anger, Live in 2016

Tales From the Tiger Moth

Edition 158

David Longdon Tribute

Broadcast 4th Dec 2021 


Porcupine Tree – Harridan
Sean Filkins – Learn How To Learn
Francis Dunnery – The Children Are Disturbed
Grace And Fire – Overture (instrumental)
Grace and Fire – Elysium
This Winter Machine – The Storm (Part 1)
This Winter Machine – The Storm (Part 2)
Magenta – Too Many Voices
Magenta – Because
Big Big Train – Last Train
David Longdon – Always
Big Big Train – Master Of Time
Martin Orford – Ray Of Hope (with David Longdon)
Big Big Train – Hedgerow
Big Big Train – Telling The Bees
The Beatles – In My Life
Dyble Longdon – Between a Breath and a Breath
Big Big Train – Curator of Butterflies
Big Big Train – The Passing Widow
Big Big Train – Uncle Jack
Big Big Train – Alive
Big Big Train – Meadowland
Big Big Train – Common Ground
David Longdon And Friends – Highway To Hell
Magenta – Spectral Mornings

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 157

Broadcast 20th Nov 2021

Francis Dunnery – Paving Stones
Yes – The Western Edge
This Winter Machine – Broken
Tidehouse – Some Hearts Are Abandoned
robert reed – The Ringmaster Part One A (Excerpt)
Mariana Semkina – Friend
Jon Anderson – Moon Ra _ Chords _ Song of Search
Cicely Courtneidge – Laughing Gas
Steve Hackett – Day Of The Dead
Francis Dunnery – Thought I Was Nothing
Commodores – Machine Gun
Pete Jones – Stardust
Drifting Sun – Forsaken Innocence, Pt. 2
Tom Slatter – Let’s All Pretend
Grace and Fire – Paradise Lost
Red Bazar – In The Beginning
Kaprekar’s Constant – White Star’s Sunrise
Druid – Painters Clouds
This Winter Machine – Pleasure And Purpose
Francis Dunnery – Have Some Of Mine
Stanley Holloway – Jonah And The Grampus
Genesis – The Colony of Slippermen

Tales from The Tiger Moth

Edition 156

Broadcast 6th Nov 2021


Drifting Sun - Forsaken Innocence, Pt. 1
Steve Hackett - Natalia 
Kaprekar's Constant - Holywell Street
robert reed - Glamarocko
robert reed - Glencoe
Greenslade - Bedside Manners Are Extra
The Prophets Of Zarquon - The Others 
Mike Harding - Mr O'Grady
Mariana Semkina - Disillusioned
Tidehouse - Morbius
REO Speedwagon - Dead At Last
Prefab Sprout - Weightless
Tom Slatter - Rats
Dec Burke - Paper Fortress
Sid Kipper - Country Code (Excerpt)
Bill Bressler - The Walk
Supertramp - Take The Long Way Home
Mariana Semkina - Ne Hagyj Itt
Rachel Flowers - Feel
Tidehouse - Show Me The River
Grand Tour - Slumber Sweetly
Cyan - Don't Turn Away
Bill Bailey - Chaucer
Genesis - Afterglow


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Tales from the Tiger Moth 

Edition 155

Broadcast 23rd Oct 2021


Tears For Fears – The Tipping Point
Thank You Scientist – Soul Diver
Dec Burke – This Time
Tom Slatter – Time Stands Still
Steeleye Span – Thomas the Rhymer
Steve Hackett – Wingbeats
Rachel Flowers – This Is The Way I Am
Billy Connolly – D.I.V.O.R.C.E
Play Away – Full Circle Medley
Jeff Wayne – The Spirit of Man
Dave & Toni Arthur – The Fairy Child
The Prophets Of Zarquon – Clatter Of The Chimes
YES – Dare To Know
Kansas – How My Soul Cries Out For You
The Wurzels – Twice Daily
Asia – Open Your Eyes
Kevin Gilbert – Fun
Cyan – Call Me
Fairport Convention – Matty Groves
Genesis – Tonight Tonight Tonight
Steve Hackett – The Devil’s Cathedral
Mike Harding – The Hotel Transylvania
Marillion – The Last Straw

Tales from The Tiger Moth 

Edition 154

Broadcast 9th Oct 2021

Dec Burke – Life In Two Dimensions
Rachel Flowers – A B
Cyan – For King And Country
The Prophets Of Zarquon – Lower Temperature Gradients
Big Big Train – Headwaters
On The Hour – TAB FM
Steve Hackett – Los Endos
Gordo Bennett – The Lost Orchestra
Eels – Susan’s House
Londonbeat – 9am (The Comfort Zone)
Let’s Eat Grandma – Hall Of Mirrors
Amanda Lehmann – Forever Days
2toGo – Unofficial Sponsor
Dec Burke – Trap Door
Frost* – Waiting For The Lie
warmrain – absent friends
Lee Abraham – Days Gone By
Ars de Er – Light in the window
Rachel Flowers – Take Me Away
I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again – Comercial Break
Renaissance – Sounds Of The Sea
Genesis – Duchess


Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 153

Broadcast 25th Sept 2021

Yuval Ron Trio – I Believe In Astronauts live
Amanda Lehmann – The Watcher
Viriditas – Going Away
Cyan – Man Amongst Men
Lee Abraham – Only Human
The Prophets Of Zarquon – The Wishing Tree (of a Red Autumn)
A Formal Horse – Turkey 2000s
Flanders and Swann – A Transport Of Delight
The Emerald Dawn – As Darkness Falls
Rain – Dandelion
Gordo Bennett – The Lost
Viriditas – State Of The Art
Andres Guazzelli – April (The Final Acceptance)
Genesis – Submarine
That Joe Payne – What Is The World Coming To
The Prophets Of Zarquon – Horizon Of The Clouds
Hee Bee Gee Bees ‘And Friends – Bird Of Peace
Yes – Time And A Word
Red Bazar – Calling Her On

Tales From The Tiger Moth

Edition 152

Broadcast 11th September 2021


Lee Abraham – Counting Down
Gordo Bennett – The Beginning
Franck Carducci – Slave to Rock ‘n’ Roll
The Enid – Someone Shall Rise
Monty Python – Parrot (Oh, Not Again)
Colosseum – The Valentyne Suite
Genesis – Carpet Crawlers
Cyan – I Defy The Sun
THRESHOLD – Fragmentation
Mostly Autumn – The Night Sky
Gordo Bennett – The Deception
Roy Chubby Brown – Far-ted
Big Big Train – Atlantic Cable
Tiger Moth Tales – Still Alive (Live at HRH)

Tales from The Tiger Moth

Edition 151

Brodcast 28th August 2021

Andres Guazzelli – August (A Cold Winter Morning)
Andres Guazzelli – December (A Warm Embrace)
Ars de Er – Pandemic
Yuva Ron Trio – Covid Gets To Mars live
Steve Hackett – Matilda Smith-Williams Home For The Aged
Cyan – The Sorceror
Sting – When The Angels Fall
Amanda Lehmann – Memory Lane
Shirehorses – Why is it always Dairy Lea
A Formal Horse – Bring a Bun
A Formal Horse – Someone’s After My Malted Milk
Ars de Er – Waiting for the beautiful
Lee Abraham – The Hands Of Time
Genesis – Back In NYC
Steven Wilson – Luminol
Amanda Lehmann – Who Are The Heroes
Big Big Train – Endnotes
Spike Milligan – Tower Bridge
Yuva Ron Trio – Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum live