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Earlier this year, my old friend Steve Roach invited me to participate in his 2021 Soundquest Festival. Of course I am honored to be included with a circle of good friends including Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Jeff Greinke, Ian Boddy and many others. As one would expect in this pandemic time, the festival will be virtual, with video performances, and free to anyone who wants to watch. A tip jar will be provided on YouTube to allow for contributions. You can schedule your listening at this link:



– Neurogenesis LP Due in early April

The vinyl pressing of Neurogenesis is almost ready, but had a further delay due to harsh winter weather in Memphis TN where the pressing plant is located (the same storm that shut down Texas in late February.) I had hoped to get shipments mid-March, but now it looks like early April. I apologize for the delay. We are now taking pre-orders for the LP, and happy to say that we have already pre-sold 1/6 of the pressing.

Some good news about international shipping for the LP orders: We found a shipping method that drops the price to $17 down from $26. All of our international shipping prices improved with this discovery, so we are happy to pass that savings on for CD buyers as well.

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Neurogenesis:  “These undulant environments produce dizzying impressions of infinite distance – all the while in tension with its dense encephalic locale. The bright feathery textures form featureless realms – though a restless sonority traverses the orbital night. But the resulting reverie yields to underlying energy fields, as moody rambles merge with crisply shattered geometries in tightly ratcheting tone patterns. The cycling sequencer notes wind in spark plug rotation – emitting power, declaring stability, summoning the future. … In translating electronic currents into sonic textures chords move from the deep-toned to the light and radiant – melting the experimental mood under a sudden gravity.” Chuck Van Zyl, Stars’ End

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Pennsylvania Instrumental Guitar Virtuoso John Hahn Releases “Undiscovered World” Featuring “Headbanger” Drummer Carl Canedy of The Rods, and Canedy.

Fantastic guitar centric album with so much emotion and virtuosity. A stunning record, more like a work of art. Not too over the top but technically amazing, not too cliched but able to draw real emotion from the humble electric guitar. The arrangement of guitar melodies and riffs will tingle and tickle the ears all the while blowing your mind.

John Hahn is excited to announce the completion and release of his new John Hahn instrumental release, “Undiscovered World” Featuring Carl Canedy on drums.  

“Another impressive Cd from John Hahn. Progressive hard rock/metal melodic instrumentals with just the right amount of shred. Fans of earlier Dream Theater should appreciate the complexity of some of the tracks. A must for fans of guitar instrumentals.” 
~David T. Chastain – Guitarist, GM Leviathan Records

Early influences – John started developing his ear at an early age as his influences evolved drawing inspiration from “old school” guitar greats like, Ritchie Blackmore, Neil Schon, Michael Schenker and Steve Morse, and innovators like Eddie Van Halen, next wave players like George Lynch, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani who were blazing up the scene at the time. In later years, heavy influences included the likes of Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe, John Petrucci, etc.

“Hey John, I bought the album on itunes, and I have to tell you that it’s absolutely amazing! The astounding technique, great song craft, and outstanding production make this album a joy and inspiration to listen to from front to back! Congratulations John Hahn!” 
~Paul Lidel – Guitarist, Dirty Looks, Dangerous Toys, 99 Crimes


Live Playing Experience – John gained very valuable performing experience touring the US and Canada where the band headlined packed venues as well as supporting such national acts as Ted Nugent, Foghat, Night Ranger and Winger, playing an average of 4 nights per week for 8 years…THAT’S OVER 1600 SHOWS!

In his own words… “Over these many years through my musical journey – playing, touring (estimated over 1600 shows), writing and recording, I have had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with so many people and have shared a lifetime of incredible memories! Guitar is my passion, and this new release is a snapshot of where I am at this point in time as a player and writer. It is my hope that as my style evolves, current friends and fans will enjoy the material as well as introducing a new audience to my music. I feel as though I have captured my best writing and playing in this release. Please spread the word…for many, my music is still an “Undiscovered World”.”

Into the Spotlight – While John Hahn had the club scene abuzz with his guitar wizardry, it was Shrapnel Records head Mike Varney who catapulted John to the national spotlight when he was featured in Mike’s Spotlight column in Guitar Player Magazine.  Additional notable national press would include John being featured in a “Guitar School Magazine” article where he was named as one of the “Next generation of guitar heroes”, “the Vai’s and Satriani’s of tomorrow”.

John Hahn “Out of the Shadows” – John’s instrumental debut release “Out of the Shadows” on Leviathan Records in the US, Zero Records (Japan), Killerwatt(Europe) shot him into the limelight gaining much international praise and recognition in such publications as Guitar World, Guitar School, Rip, Guitar Player and Guitar for the Practicing Musician.

John Hahn “Darkness Falls” – Energized to create another instrumental CD, John then turned back to his studio, composing musical pieces complete with solid foundation songs laden with his signature guitar work of melody, technique, emotion, dynamics, feel, flash and fury!

“John and I have been friends for a long time, I played drums on his first album and he played guitars on my “Headbanger” album. I’ve always loved his playing, but I also loved his writing. On this album (Undiscovered World) his playing has improved greatly which is hard to believe because he had very little room to improve. The song writing is just fantastic on this release. I love every cut, and it was an honor to contribute to this album.” 
~Carl Canedy – Drummer, Producer, The Rods, Canedy


Canedy “Headbanger” – John’s next musical endeavor again had him cross paths with The Rods drummer Carl Canedy who approached him to play guitars on Carl’s solo project “Headbanger”. On this release you can hear John’s signature style throughout this very powerful offering. John covered all rhythm and lead guitars, bass on one track and on two occasions traded guitar solos with Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Chris Caffery!! In addition to Carl, John had the privilege of sharing sonic space with amazing vocalists including Mark Tornillo (Accept), Joe Comeau (Annihilator, Liege Lord and Overkill) and none other than the greatest metal voice of all time, Ronnie James Dio (vocal tracks pulled from previously recorded version of The Code)!

“A pleasant musical journey that does not tire even for a minute… His influences by guitarists like R.Blackmore, N.Schon, S.Morse, E.Van Halen, J.Satriani, S.Vai & J.Tafolla appear within his compositions. I choose tracks “Fuel Injection”, “Heaven’s Fury”, “Thrill Of The Chase” & “Close To The Edge”. Check this release… worth it!”
~ Harry Norumaniac – ALBUM REVIEWZ

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4th, 5th, 6th September 2020
Marillion join virtually with their fans, for a weekend of music
and togetherness.


This coming weekend, UK Rock legends Marillion will come together with thous
ands of fans globally, for their first,
and in the own words ‘hopefully only’, Marillion Couch Convention.


“We have a rare
and beautiful relationship with our fans,” says Steve Hogarth, the b
and’s singer. “We wanted to do something to let them know that we are with them; find a way to show our appreciation for the support they give to us
and more importantly in strange times like these, each other.”


The b
and will broadcast their three most popular gig films on YouTube across the three nights, with support acts, introductions from the b
and even a live Q&A hosted by Prog Magazine editor Jerry Ewing. The b
and will also be hosting virtual Q&A’s with fans, music masterclasses, a quiz, fan club meetups with b
and members,
and even a run-along with keyboard player Mark Kelly
and a cocktail class with guitarist Steve Rothery. There are opportunities to win a virtual photo with the b
and, virtual coffee with a b
and member
and all sorts of other competitions, including an online dog show
and prizes for the best photos from the weekend.


Lucy Jordache the b
and’s manager for the last 20 years, says,
“When I realised that our 2021 conventions would not be going ahead, I wanted to give our fans something that might help them experience the amazing feeling our conventions famously have. As the COVID 19 crisis deepened, it became more
and more important to bring our fans together in a virtual space, where they can feel the love
and support from one another
and the b


All events over the weekend are free. The b
and have pre-sold merch
andise (t-shirts, cushions, wine
and beer glasses, banners
and even confetti) to help fans get into the spirit of the event,
and a rarities auction will take place over the weekend. With tough times being experienced across the globe, Marillion were keen for this to be a free event. However, an online tip jar will be live all weekend, for fans who might want to help out Marillion’s crew who have been hit hardest by the lack of live events.
Hogarth adds, “We’ve been completely amazed by the response of our fans to the idea of the Couch Convention
and the merch
andise we created for it. We sincerely thank them for their continuing love
and support
and hope to see them out on the road soon.”


Marillion are a British rock b
and with a successful 40-year history. Their last studio Album F E A R, debuted at number 4 in the UK Album Charts, claiming a top 20 slot in many European countries
and charting across the world including the United States.


The b
and are known for their uniquely close relationship with their fans,
and are widely attributed with reinventing the way b
ands work commercially, including the revolutionary crowdfunding of their 2000 album Anoraknophobia.


Marillion held their first global convention in April 2002. And now play Marillion Weekends all over the world including their bi-annual hiring of Center Parcs in Holl
and where they play to over 3000 fans from over 50 countries.


Marillion Couch Convention 2020, 4th, 5th & 6th September 2020