Bobcast – NTAPS 323: Leg End

Steven Wilson – Economies of Scale

Phenomena – Banzai

Peter Gabriel – Love Can Heal (Bright-Side Mix); Olive Tree (Bright-Side Mix)


Wig Wam – Do Ya Wanna Taste It 


Gryphon -Down the Dog

Downes Braide Association feat. Francis Dunnery – Keep on Moving

United Progressive Fraternity – The Bees in Us


Dead Bob’s Shellac Attack: Side 4 of ‘Paris’ by Supertramp

 – Take the Long Way Home

 – Fool’s Overture

 – Two of Us

 – Crime of the Century


Focus – Hocus Pocus (US Single Version)


Elton John – Healing Hands

Tribes – Medicine

Nick Helm – Gin (excerpt)

Heatwaves – Aladdin Snake Oil


Nik Kershaw – Radio Musicola

Curved Air – U.H.F (2018 remaster)

Sky Architect – Silent Sorrow

Marek Arnold’s Artrock Project – Papillon