Bobcast: NTAPS 318 – Scrag End



Join us, won’t you, for some top tunes by the following marvellous artistes:


Uriah Heep – July Morning 

Gentle Giant – Another Show 

The Flower Kings – Beginner’s Eyes

Peter Hammill – Crying Wolf


Wig Wam – Do Ya Wanna Taste It


Cardiacs – Dog Like Sparky

5th Season – Lay Down

Kahrmalia Project – Here I Stand and Face the Rain

Lumsk – En Harmoni


Dead Bob’s Shellac Attack: Side 2 of ’Sunburst Finish’ by Be-Bop Deluxe

 – Beauty Secrets

 – Life In The Air Age

 – Like An Old Blues

 – Crystal Gazing

 – Blazing Apostles


Focus – Hocus Pocus (US Single Version)


Big Fat Lukum – Small Light Kebab

Neolia – Blow the Leaves

Haunt the Woods – Fever Dream

Phil Lanzon – The Forest

Gwenno – Anima (excerpt)


The Gerald Peter Project – 6th Movement: Evolve / Flow (9th Movement)