Bobcast: NTAPS 252, 11th March 2022 – 4 Sides Live

Side 1

Side 1 of ‘Genesis’ by Genesis

 – Mama

 – That’s All

 – Home By The Sea

 – Second Home by The Sea

Side 2

Side A (and a bit of Side B) of ‘Unfold the Future’ by The Flower Kings 

 – The Truth Will Set You Free (2017 remix)

Side 3

Side 1 of ‘Script For a Jester’s Tear’ by Marillion

 – Script For A Jester’s Tear

 – He Knows, You Know

 – The Web

Side 4

Side 3 of ‘Ever’ by IQ

 – Further Away


Digital Bonus: Selections from the 2021 remaster of ‘Live In The Air Age’ by Be Bop Deluxe

 – Life In The Air Age (live)

 – Adventures In a Yorkshire Landscape (John Peel Session)

 – Sister Seagull (live)