Bobcast – NTAPS 248: Liptauer


Dead Bob’s Shellac-Attack: Side B of ‘The Last of the Jubblies’ by England

 – Ridge Farm

 – Flying Saucers

 – Sausage Pie

 – Hotel (live) Extract


Ian Carr – Hector’s House

Magnum – The Monster Roars

Tangerine Dream – You’re Always on Time


Dead Bob’s Boxset Bingo: ‘Benefit’ by Jethro Tull 

 – To Cry You A Song

 – Sweet Dream

 – Teacher (US Album Version)

 – The Witch’s Promise (1971 Stereo Compilation remix)


The Flower Kings – A Million Stars

The Prophets of Zarquon – Horizon of the Clouds

Level 42 – Kansas City Milkman

Susanna – Wild Horse Wild Dog


Dec Burke – Emergency

Anna Meredith – Paramour

Quincy Jones – It’s Caper Time

Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric (excerpt)