Bobcast: Not The AmericanPrög Show 327 – Liver (Prog Mag Special)


The Fierce and the Dead – The Start

Peter Brewis – Lemoncadabra

Zopp – You

Doves – Firesuite

Matteo Mancuso – Falcon Flight


Dead Bob’s Shellac Attack: Side 2 0f ‘Bursting Out’ by Jethro Tull

 – A New Day Yesterday

 – Flute Solo Improvisation / God rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Bourée

 – Songs from the Wood

 – Thick as a Brick


Focus – Hocus Pocus (US Single Version)


Edward Reekers –

 – Out of the Past…(Prologue);

  The Present Day

– …Into The Future (Epilogue)


Norma Tanega – You’re Dead


haunt the woods – The Line, Pt. II

Karnataka – All Around the World

Downes Braide Association – Look What You Do

Soen – Vitals

Bushman’s Revenge – Stolen From a Blind Monkey (excerpt)


Galahad – Year Zero (Parts 1 to 4)